New smart action not visible on production environment while it is visible on lower environments

Feature(s) impacted

We have added a new smart action but its not visible just for production environment.
The schema file is updated and matching in all the other remote environments we have, and the smart action is not available only in one of them.

Observed behavior

Smart action is not listed, despite being present on schema and code

Expected behavior

See the smart action on the role permissions and on the collection smart actions list

Failure Logs


  • Project name: Curator
  • Team name: Developer
  • Environment name: Production
  • Agent type & version: 8.3 (forest-express-sequelize)
  • Recent changes made on your end if any:
  • Express Version: 4.17.1
  • Sequelize Version: 6.6.5
  • Database Dialect: MySql
  • Database Version: 5.7.24

Hey @Sudarshana_Patil :wave:

Could you share the name of the missing smart action, as well as any development environment name that is currently able to display it so I can investigate?

Thanks in advance

Hi @jeffladiray

The smart action name is Update Custom Eula
The environment names on which its visible is:

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Ok, I can see that the “Production” environment indeed does not have the “Update Custom Eula” smart action.

I can’t see any update of the .forestadmin-schema.json for this “Production” environment since August 1st

Did you encounter this issue before, or is it the first time?
Can you confirm that your .forestadmin-schema.json file is up to date on production?
Do you have multiple instances of you agent that could cause this kind of conflict?

Hello @jeffladiray
I am having the same issue, the smart action is not visible on Production while it is workign well locally on development, can you help me please ?

Hey @walidthebest

Could you open a new thread with all the necessary informations filled in so I can check everything on my end?

Thanks in advance :pray:

Ok @jeffladiray, done : Smart action not appearing in production while appearing in development


It appear that we received 2 .forestadmin-schema.json at the exact same time.
The first one being the correct one, and the second one being the version you were using before.

My guess would be that you either have multiples servers hosting your agent for scaling purpose, or there is a misconfiguration somewhere.

Fixing this issue should resolve your smart action not visible in production.

Let me know if that helps

this smart action was a new addition into our production release on 1st August
but it didn’t show up in production environment while it did for other remote environments


Again, from what I can see on my end, on your production environment, 2 different versions for the schema were sent to our server.

The first one if the correct one (Containing your smart action)
The second one is still based on your previous version (Without the smart action).

To fix this issue, you can simply restart your production agent. The schema would then be sent correctly to our servers, fixing your issue.

@jeffladiray Even after restarting production agent, the smart action is not visible.

We follow canary release process so some instances does have older schema while some has newer.
but after our validation on canary instances, we send same code on the default instances so schema should get in sync on all the instances. Can you please check at your end if you have any cache that holds older value.

The .forestadmin-schema.json value is never cached on our end.
I can see that you restarted your server indeed, however the schema sent during this operation is still the old one.

Until we receive the correct schema, your smart action will still be invisible :confused:

If your agent code is fully deployed & the only issue you are having is related to this new action, maybe forest schema:apply --env ENV_SECRET can help here.

@jeffladiray We checked on all our server instances to verify if new smart action declaration is missing in any one of server’s forestadmin-schema.json file. All server does have Update Custom Eula smart action configuration updated in schema file. Can you let us know if you track schema file received in forestAdmin from which server? Can you share any logging to pinpoint any configuration or server deployment issue over DM.
Also we have faced this issue previously as well, but restarting server agent did fixed issue in past.