Smart action not appearing in production while appearing in development

Hello all !

I have created a smart action on Forest admin, it is working well on locally but not on production.
I pushed the code to the server and I used forest deploy to deploy the layout, but nothing help.
The thing is, I added a smart field as well and it appeared correctly…

Please help me

Hey @walidthebest

As stated in my previous message, I’ll need the issue template to be filled to investigate, especially your project name.

Without it, I can’t access your project configuration :slight_smile:

Hey @jeffladiray

Here are the details :

  • Project name: Reedoo
  • Team name: Operations
  • Environment name: Production
  • Liana Version : 8.5.8

For your issue, it appears that both of your .forestadmin-schema.json are synchronized in both development and production, so that’s not the same issue than the previous thread :slight_smile:

Did you check the collection settings of the collection on which the smart action is applied, just to be sure this is not a visibility issue?

Having the smart action name would also help.


How do I check if it is visible ?
The slart action is Ajouter une image :

collection("category", {
  actions: [
      name: "Ajouter une image",
      type: "single",
      fields: [
          field: "Image",
          description: "L'image doit avoir pour dimension 200 X 150 PX",
          type: "File",
          isRequired: true,
  fields: [
      field: "s3Pictures",
      type: "String",
      get: (category) => {
        if (category.picturePath) {
          return getS3SignedUrlById(category.picturePath);
        return null;
  segments: [],

You can see your smart action in the collections settings (When in Edit mode, click on the cog icon of you collections), then you should be able to see a “Smart action” tabs, listing all the smart action detected.

Thank you, that was the issue :slight_smile:

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