Not all data is being shown in the Forest Admin

Data created via Forest Admin is being recorded to the DB but not shown in the Forest Admin after

Observed behavior

I have an issue with data showed in the Forest Admin. Some data which is actually present in the DB is not shown in the Forest Admin

As you can see there are Airplane row seats for the row #20 (id:32,33,34,35) shown in the DB but Forest Admin shows empty results.

Expected behavior

All related data is present in the Forest Admin


  • Project name: Testing-V8
  • Team name: Operations
  • Environment name: Development

We use NestJs + PostgresQL (Prisma) on the project

Hi @ABereziuk :wave: welcome to our community.
To identify where the issue come from, can you share with us the request payload from the network tab on the browser console :pray:?
I order to try to reproduce, can you share or explain a little bit the table associations please?

Actually, described fields are already displayed in the Forest Admin. But the thing is, any new created item is being shown in the Forest Admin within some time. I mean, the item is recorded to the DB and stored there, but to see it in the Forest Admin it takes 30+ minutes. Can you advice something on that, please?

I’ve found the similar issue reported earlier but it was fixed in 7.9.1 Now we are using 8.0.0 and getting delay between row creating and displaying it in Forest Admin.