Our server encountered an error (login impossible)

Actual behavior

When trying to log in, using the same browser (chrome desktop) shortcut as usual, I get the message “Our server encountered an error”

I am getting the same issue while trying to login:

Thanks in advance

Hello @Louis-Marie and @PierreGoch. Do you still encounter this issue? I tried to login on the platform and everything worked as expected.

Hi @GuillaumeGautreau

It is working now. Thanks!

Yes, this time it worked ! This is not the fist time I am having this bug, do you have an idea why this keeps randomly happening ?

We are investigating the issue of this morning. We had an incident between 9AM and 9:07AM today, but for the moment I don’t have more details.

ok thanks for the quick answer, have a nice day !

Hi @PierreGoch,

As Guillaume outlined it, we faced an internal issue between 9AM and 9:07AM today. We released a patch to prevent this issue from happening again in the future.

Rest assured that we are deeply concerned about our platform stability and scalability and we are dedicating daily resources to improve those concerns.

Best regards