Populate Multiple Smart Fields At Once

Hey Forest!

Is there a way to populate more than one smart field at once? We use a lot of smart fields that pull data from APIs. Let’s say I have 5 smart fields that pull data from the same API. Is there a way to make a single call, and use the response to populate all 5 fields? Right now we have it set up so it makes a request for each field which is highly inefficient. Thank you!

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Hello @Arda_Yurdakul :wave:

:bulb: The first idea that comes to mind reading your example is caching. Make your call once then populate your fields.
:arrow_right: We have provided an example with DataLoader in our documentation..

Hope this helps. If not, do not hesitate to ring me again :muscle:


Hey @Romain_Coudour

Yes! This is exactly what we needed. Thank you!