Possible BUG in the frontend - "reference" fields do not load in smart action forms

Maybe something changed on your (front end) side today in the afternoon. But we have smart actions which used to work that are not working any more since a few minutes ago.

When you have a “reference” field (reference field is defined here: Create and manage Smart Actions - Documentation) in a smart action, if you type something in the field input, the spinner is shown but nothing happens!!

In the backend no call is received.

In the browser, inspecting the network it looks like no call is made to backend.

May you please doublecheck?

Thank you,

forest-express-sequelize 6.6.3

Video of the problem:

Hi @Matteo,

Sorry to read the issue you observe.
We’ve just rollbacked our latest releases.

Can you confirm everything is working well right now?
Thanks for your patience.

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Hi @arnaud
Thank you for your responsiveness.
I confirm that now reference fields are ok :+1:

Thank you.