Reference in smart action not working anymore (8.0.16)

Feature(s) impacted

Smart action reference field type

Observed behavior

Since we upgraded our forest_liana gem to latest (7.6.5 => 8.0.16) we are having an issue with reference fields in custom smart actions.
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The field is defined as:

             field: 'partner',
             is_required: false,
             reference: '',

where Partner is another forest collection.

Expected behavior

When searching a reference and clicking on it it should be the current value of the input.

Is there any reason it is not working anymore ? The api seems to be the same to use references.

Hi @Thomas_Viaud,

When did you first notice this issue ?

We noticed the problem today. We did not change anything except the mentioned update which occurred 3 days ago.

Okey this might be on our end. Let me try to reproduce :eyes:

@Thomas_Viaud could you retry please ? See if the issue is fixed :pray:

Hello, yes it seems to work again! Thanks.

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