Postgis not supported

Feature(s) impacted

updating forest admin schema

Observed behavior

received an error after running forest schema:update

Expected behavior

I expected it to update the db schema

Failure Logs

The dialect postgis is not supported. Supported dialects: mssql, mariadb, mysql, postgres, and sqlite.



  • Project name: Lead Monkey
  • Team name: Mindworks
  • Environment name: prod
  • Agent type & version:
  • Recent changes made on your end if any:

Hello, does it work by changing the url to postgresql://abcdxyz:abc@xyz:1234/env?sslmode=require?

Hi, it gives out a different error

Cannot connect to the database due to the following error:
× {"name":"SequelizeConnectionError","parent":{"length":33,"name":"error","severity":"FATAL","code":"08P01"},"original":{"length":33,"name":"error","severity":"FATAL","code":"08P01"}}

Ok, sorry I made an error in the example url. The protocol should be postgres:// and not postgresql:// for what I can see.

Can you try with this value?

Oh okay, that did something different,


i tried to connect using the same credentials via an app. And they are working so im not sure why theres a Client Authentication error

Hello @Bunyod_Shams,

All the docs I have about this error indicates that the user is not allowed to connect to the server from this host.

Can you check that your nodejs app has the right to connect to your server from its IP? Maybe by using the command line from the same location.