Postgres - cannot generate new backend application

Hi everyone,

I have a PostgreSQL database hosted on Render and I would like to integreate it with Forest Admin.
The DB is accessible from everywhere and works totally well.

Unfortunately, I cannot create the backend application with Docker nor NPM.
In both cases, I have the following error message :slight_smile:

√ Connecting to your database

√ Analyzing the database

√ Disconnecting from your database

Γ— An unexpected error occurred. Please reach out for help in our Developers community ( or create a Github issue with following error: Error: Internal Server Error

I hope you will be able to help me. I tried on Retool and it works well, but I really would prefer using Forest Admin.

Hi @mrlian ! Thanks for joigning the community :slight_smile:
Sorry to hear you’re having trouble setting up Forest.
I just tried to create a database on Render and then to generate a project from it and I had no issue :thinking:
Could you give me some more informations ?
Project name, agent type and if you are using the latest version of the CLI :pray:

Hi !
Thank you for your message.
The project name is Lian Mining, I am using cli v2.5.1.
What do you mean by agent type ?

Hi @mrlian :wave: have you got any error details (the stack trace for exemple) from the command line?

Hi guys, I deleted my project and started from scratch again and it works. No idea what happened, but thanks anyway for your help !

Hi @mrlian :wave: happy to hear that, I understand what happen and a fix is on going on our side. Thank you for your precious feedback.

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