Pre-filled field in related data broken

Expected behavior

Field relative to an entity must be pre-filled in related data

Actual behavior

Now it’s broken, in this example, “Utilisateur” field must be filled with user email

Yesterday everything was ok, is there a release recently ?
Our production environment is stuck because of this issue…

Hello @Sharp,

We rollbacked the latest release. Can you refresh your browser and confirm that it’s fixing your issue?


I force refreshed but the issue persists
Maybe internal cache or deploy time ?

I think I can reproduce your issue
Investigation is in progress. We’ll come back to you shortly

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Hello @Sharp

As with all regression, sorry for the inconvenience.
Since we managed to reproduce it locally, we just reverted the commit that caused it.

There is an ±1 hour delay before the CI/CD publishes the fix.
I’ll leave this topic open, please tell me if the issue persists!

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Hello @Sharp,

For further investigation, would that be possible for you to send us your Sequelize models deifnition (I assume you are using forest-express-sequelize), and the collection generated in your .forestadmin-schema.json?

It would help us very much!

Thank you! :pray: