Prefill no longer working

Not sure when this slipped in as we haven’t updated from 7.12.2, and we upgraded to that in early July when it was released.

Expected behavior

Prefilled data (if it exists) should pre-populate into existing fields and some fields should be true by default.

Actual behavior

Data is not getting populated, and there is now a 404 from the post route in the console. The odd thing is that I can console and see all the values in the load hook from the record, and can confirm that it has all the data necessary to prefill the fields.

What is the current behavior?

Failure Logs

Please include any relevant log snippets, if necessary.


Please provide any relevant information about your setup.

  • Package Version: 7.12.2
  • Express Version: 5.0.0-alpha.7
  • Sequelize Version: 5.21.13
  • Database Dialect: Postgres
  • Database Version:
  • Project Name: Production

Hey @David_Panzarella,

Indeed, it does not seems normal.
Just to be sure, you are using a load hook from a smart action to set theses values?

I’ve just re-set a forest-express-sequelize@7.12.2 project on my end and I’m currently not able to reproduce your issue.

If possible, could you share the definition of both the smart action & the load hook you are using, the logs you are seeing in the browser as well as the /load request & response? (Here or as a DM if you consider this data to be sensitive)

Thanks in advance :pray:

(As a side node, we recently release a forest-express-sequelize@8.x.x, which include a new hook system as well as dynamic smart action forms. If you are interested, here is the upgrade note)

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