PUT error erasing file field

When user uploaded a file on a record creation and deletes that record in a update, PUT method shows an error

Feature(s) impacted

We upload a file in a record creation, like this:

Observed behavior

When we click the ‘X’ to remove that file from that field, we got this error message:

Expected behavior

We should NOT get any error, and page after deleting the field should be like this:

Failure Logs


  • Project name: Dunsguide
  • Environment name: Development
  • Agent type & version: @forestadmin/agent = 1.0.0-beta.43, @forestadmin/datasource-sql = 1.0.0-beta.40

Hey again :wave:

Could you share your replaceFieldWriting implementation? Thanks in advance.

Of course !

But, PUT error happens BEFORE this method is invoked. In fact, I added a console.log message and it does not appears. I think there an interceptor before this.

Hey @Maximiliano_Carrizo, and sorry for the delayed response.

Are logo and background added via addField, or are they directly in your database?
If they are in your database, could you share with me the content of your .forestadmin-schema.json ?

Thanks in advance

logo and background are database fields.
And more information. If I remove all actions, hooks, and so on, I got the SAME error
Sending .forestadmin schema to you. Best !

.forestadmin-schema.zip (4.5 KB)

Looks like I’m able to reproduce this issue as well. I’m opening a ticket on our end, and we will let you know once this issue is fixed.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Awesome !
And its a pleasure to let you improve your tool, Jeff !

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Hi @Maximiliano_Carrizo

We merged a fix for that issue fix(validator): allow null value for the field value and use strict value for the ids. by Scra3 · Pull Request #407 · ForestAdmin/agent-nodejs · GitHub

Can you update the agent’s packages an confirm that the issue has gone away?

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Awesome. I downloaded the latest version and it seems to be working like a charm. I will check that all the other stuff continues working, of course… hahaha !

Have a nice weekend and thanks for all.

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