Question: how to sync between Production and Test environment?


We are working now on Test environment and will deploy the changes into Production. The changes includes forest admin layout (workspaces, data) and database shcema.

Our question is once we deploy to production, if we do changes to Layouts in Production Env, is it possible to sync them with Test Env? or we Must do changes on Test Env first then deploy to production.

Hope this sounds clear for you.
Thank you.

Hi @Adel_de_Clevermate :wave:, I see multiple kind of changes on your question.

  • Layout changes (as you said, forest admin related eg: workspaces)
  • database schema changes (table, smart features on your agent)

For layout changes, no problem, you can do a change on production and this change should be applied on all child environment.

For agent change (.forestadmin-schema.json) you should sync your env code between your environment for deploy/push layout changes.

Let me know if that help :pray: