Rails 7 enum type field support

Feature(s) impacted

Schema generation in a Rails 7 app

Observed behavior

Rails 7 has support for enum types out of the box. I have a few enum types in my migrations / models. After installing the forest admin gem and initializing it, on app start, I’m not seeing the enum type fields show up in the Data dashboard. I checked in forestadmin-schema.json and they’re missing from the fields section there as well.

Expected behavior

I would expect these fields to show up in the schema. Are enum types not supported? Why aren’t they automatically showing up?


Rails version: 7
forest_liana gem (7.4.5)

Hello v1l and welcome to our community :wave:

The new version of the forest gem doesn’t support enum fields yet.
However, I would suggest to use the smart field to manage the field you want to use enum with.

I’m pushing this as a suggestion on our product board.