Rails pg Unable to authenticate you Please verify that your admin backend is correctly configured and running

I Follow all the steps of the installation. Working perfect in local (Development). Put the config vars in Heroku, restart the server, define user and role. The first time show all the tables in the left but not the information on the right (loading) later just show Unable to authenticate you
Still working perfect in development but not working in production , try to copy from development

Project name : Rails-Impromaq
Rails 6.1.3
pg 1.2.3
Ruby 3.0.0
Heroku stack 20
“database_type”: “postgresql”,
“liana”: “forest-rails”,
“liana_version”: “6.1.1”,
“orm_version”: “6.1.3”

Hello @poluxland,

Do you have more details about the error in the server logs, or in the browser network tab? It will help a lot.

In the meantime, can you check that you properly configured the environment variable forest_application_url=https://rails-impromaq.herokuapp.com?

Thanks for the reply, I have

now add

But the same problem

Hello @poluxland,

Can you check you secrets.yml file to check how these environment variables are loaded? You should have something like that:

forest_env_secret: <%= ENV["FOREST_ENV_SECRET"] %>
forest_auth_secret: <%= ENV["FOREST_AUTH_SECRET"] %>
forest_application_url: <%= ENV["APPLICATION_URL"] %>

If it’s the case, you should use APPLICATION_URL just as before. But if you have values here you have to replace the values by this code to apply env variables correctly

The file is just generated in the installation

Ok, then you need to set a value for FOREST_ENV_SECRET, FOREST_AUTH_SECRET and FOREST_APPLICATION_URL in uppercase.

Change all to uppercase

Development stop working and production still not working

Back to lowercase for development and development began to work.

Production still not working

recheck FOREST_ENV_SECRET match with Heroku

Hello @poluxland,

Sorry, it was not clear. You don’t need to change the content of secrets.yml, you have to keep declarations in lowercase.

I meant that the environment variables need to be in uppercase. For what I could see, you declared the environment variable forest_application_url in lowercase whereas it was retrieved in uppercase.

So, to recap, your secrets.yml needs to be back to

forest_env_secret: <%= ENV["FOREST_ENV_SECRET"] %>
forest_auth_secret: <%= ENV["FOREST_AUTH_SECRET"] %>
forest_application_url: <%= ENV["FOREST_APPLICATION_URL"] %>

And you need to set 3 environment variables on heroku:


Sorry my bad. I do it all over again. The problem was, as you indicated, that I put APPLICATION_URL in Heroku (as it says in the installation) but is FOREST_APPLICATION_URL to match with secrets.yml
Really thanks!

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Thanks for the feedback, we’ll make sure the application reflects the right environment variable.