Frequently unable to authenticate

Repro Steps

  1. navigate to

Expected behavior

Signed into my default (prod) environment

Actual behavior

Frequently I’m shown an error : “Unable to authenticate you”. Navigating to the projects list and back in a few times will fix it.

Failure Logs

From network tab of dev tools…

Request to{{MY CODE}}&state=%7B%22renderingId%22%3D%3E85006%7D


    "errors": [
            "status": 500,
            "detail": "invalid_client :: The provided client id does not match the id received at first place."


  • Package Version: forest_liana (6.3.1)
  • Express Version: n/a
  • Sequelize Version: n/a
  • Database Dialect: pg
  • Database Version: most recent on Heroku… probably not relevant?
  • Project Name: Dispatch

Hi @Kevin_Davis

Did you follow this documentation to get this error ?
I can see that you have multiple different version of forest_liana across all your environment.

Also, did you create your project with the forest_liana v6 ou did you migrate for v5 ?

I can see that a fix was made related to this yesterday in the 6.3.1, do you have the same issue with the 6.3.0?

Thanks in advance