Random 'Record access forbidden' on collections

Observed behavior

For few weeks now, our tea encounters some random ‘Record access forbidden’ message on collections. There is no consistent way to reproduce it, it just happens some times. Refreshing the page fix it, but it still happens.

Expected behavior

No ‘Record access forbidden’ triggered

Failure Logs

Nothing remarkable


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Team name: All
Environment name: All

Hi @Timothee_Grosjean,

Thank you for your feedback, sorry for the inconvenience.

  • Is the problem appearing when you click on one record? (record detail view)
  • Did you develop some new features recently in your server?
  • Is this happening in every collection?
  • Is this happening in every environment?

At the moment the problem occur, can you please capture:

  • the browser console.log
  • your server logs


Hi Sliman,

Thanks for your quick answer.

  • The problem seems to appear only on collections (not record detail view)
  • Nothing new
  • It’s too random to notice if it happens in all collections
  • It happens in every environment

Here is the browser log the last time someone saw it on our side:

[forest] Unexpected error on Smart Action Form values retrieval HttpError: HTTP Error 404

Seems to be the same error as discussed here: Unexpected error on Smart Action Form values retrieval

Hi Sliman,

Any news on this issue ?


Hi @Timothee_Grosjean,

I am not sure the error you’ve seen is related to the problem you’re facing :thinking:

Would it be possible for you to try to upgrade to the latest version of forest-express-sequelize to see if the error persists or not?


We just upgraded to v8.

We still have the issue.

@Timothee_Grosjean I just realised that you are still on the former permissions system.
Have you heard about the new roles system?
It is way more powerful, and I am pretty sure this could help with your random bug…

If you want to go to the new system, just tell me and I’ll do the necessary on our side.
Then, you will have a quick migration wizard to follow and you’ll be all set up.

Let me know.
Thanks again.

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Hey @adriguy, thanks, yes let’s go for it!
Please let us know when it’s done on your side so that we can do the necessary on our side.

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Hey @adriguy @Sliman_Medini any news please?
This is making our teams lose time everyday, we would love this issue to be fixed ASAP.
Have a great day

Hey @MaximeRobion :wave:
Sorry for the delay… we are all set on our side :white_check_mark:

You can now exec the step given by adriguy :point_up:

Then, you will have a quick migration wizard to follow and you’ll be all set up.

Thanks @Romain_Coudour , but we still have a problem:

we have our liana version up-to-date ( “forest-express-sequelize”: “^8.5.8”,) but still, the UI of forest once at the beginning of the migration process tells us that we should upgrade our liana version. See screenshot attached.

My bad! Sorry sorry, some local environments were not updated. All good!


Did it fix the initial issue that caused you to open the support ticket?

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