Refresh after smart action not working for smart relationship field

I have a smart action that is creating a record in a collection linked via in a smart relationship. I’ve tried the refresh method described in docs and the smart relationship table is not updating. I tried this on a similar action to a direct relationship and it works for that summary table, wondering if this feature is not available for smart relationships?

Hi @mpt27,

When a smart action answer is:

    success: 'Success message',
    refresh: { relationships: ['albumTracks', 'genres'] },

And the smart action is on a summary view, albumTrack and genres related data are refreshed.
This is working for both direct and smart relationships.

Be careful about the related data names in the relationships array will produce the behavior you described: nothing is triggered.

If you still encounter an issue, please provide a minimal reproducible example including models, action, smart relationship declarations and routes, the version used, etc.


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…whoops, had an unexpected name for the smart relationship, thanks for the clarification!

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