Update record view after a smart action

If I have a record and I’m viewing the detail/summary page for this record.
Then, from here, I trigger a smart action that changes this record

Is it possible to have the current record “reloaded” in this summary/detail view, where I trigegred the smart action from?

Thank you.


This should already be the case without you doing any additional action. Here’s a screencast:

Would you like to refresh related data as well? If that’s the case then you should follow this section in the docs - here

Let me know if this helps,

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Thank you @ziad
I confirm that you’re right and things are as you say.
I investigated further on my side and it looks like there is a particular case in which the update doesn’t work.

You can try to reproduce with the following steps:

  • you have a smart action that shows a form
  • fill in the form with wrong data (let’s say that your action has some check on in the backend…)
  • submit the form
  • in the network inspect of the browser you can see a call to refresh the data
  • your action returns an error (due to the above wrong data, and the error is shown in the forest front end - so far, so good :slight_smile:
  • the form stays open
  • fix the data in the form (leave the form open, don’t close the form!! just correct the data you filled in previously)
  • submit again the very same form with the successful data
  • the action succeeds and the success message is shown
  • in the network inspect of the browser there’s no call to refresh the data
  • and the data in the summary is not refreshed :man_shrugging:

Can you reproduce?

Thank you!

PS: forest-express-sequelize version: 6.6.3

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Thanks for the details @Matteo, I’ll try reproducing on my end and let you know how this goes.

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Hi @Matteo,

Apologies for the egregious delay. I’ve managed to quickly reproduce this.

Will forward the issue in detail to the tech team and keep you informed!



Thank you @ziad
I confirm this issue is not blocking :sweat_smile:


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Bug ticket to follow up the resolution: ClickUp


Hi @Matteo, a fix has been released today. Simply hard refresh your browser tab to get the update :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: