Related data not displaying correctly with smart field as reference field

Hi, it is me again :wave:,

The reference field of a related data is not loading properly when the related model has not been “opened”/loaded.

I have a model with multiple related data model:

When I click on Materials, I want to see this screen:

Behind black square is the name of the Material Per Origin, which is a smart field used as the reference field of the model.

But sadly the data is not displayed correctly when I just load a fresh page:

To fix this thing I have to load the model and after that the correct reference field is used.

Is there something I can do to not manually load the related model in order to see the correct reference field ?


Materials is actually a table named Material Per Origin that have 2 joints: one on Materials and one on Origins.

Forest Express: 8.5.1
Express Version: 4.17
Sequelize Version: 7.9.1
Database Dialect: PostgreSQL
Database Version: 13

Hey @LotusBlack,

Sorry for the delayed reponse, I’m trying to reproduce your issue on my end and i’ll ping you when I’ve got news to share.
I may have misunderstood your setup however, do you have a schema for this part of your database setup (That you can share here or in private if you consider it as sensible informations)? I’m actually not sure to understand the whole relation between the smart field/reference and your database structure.

Thanks for your help