Remote environment not updating

I have deployed changes to the backend, the UI shows a new version has been deployed and prompts a refresh, but upon refreshing I don’t see any of the changes reflected. It’s like our project is stuck on an old version of the schema (despite the deployment working fine locally and in prod).

Expected behavior

Pushing a new version of the backend should update the frontend.

Actual behavior

Frontend is stuck on an old version of the layout (not showing any newly added models/views/etc.)

Failure Logs



Please provide any relevant information about your setup.

  • Package Version: what package?
  • Express Version: ~4.17.1
  • Sequelize Version: ~5.15.1
  • Database Dialect: postgres
  • Database Version: 12
  • Project Name: iPACES

Hello @narciero,

Sorry about this issue.
I just tried to invalidate your layout on our side, would you mind restarting your Forest agents / servers to trigger a new refresh?

Hi @Guillaume_Deslandes,

I just restarted the backend and then refreshed the UI and nothing changed, still seeing an old layout that does not match the forestadmin schema that is currently deployed.

I really need this fixed ASAP as the dashboard is unusable in its current state. Is this forum the only support for paying customers?

I looped with our team and they should be in context with you via email.

In the mean time, can you try to edit your layout (paint brush icon) and check if the newly added collections are not there but hidden?

Thanks you for your patience @narciero

Thanks @Guillaume_Deslandes, the newly added collections do not show up at all when editing the layout. There are also fields that still appear that have been removed, so the layout is definitely using an old state.

Hello @narciero,

Just a quick message to recap what was said by email and close this thread.
Sorry it took a while to fix this.

The outdated layout came from a refresh error, due to an outdated segment definition.
A previous collection (“Phase”) was used as an enum and used in a segment filter condition of another collection (“Participant”).
Said collection was removed, and replaced by a enum-typed field in the seconde collection.
The segment filter was automatically not updated and still referenced a now deleted collection, leading to an error when exporting the layout.

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