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Hi! in my project I have a collection called Portfolio Templates, which one of its fields is type. I would like to know if it is possible to implement that when creating a portfolio template, depending on what type is chosen, some fields become mandatory.

For example, if type is A, the name field will be required to create the portfolio template, but if type is B, this field is not required but the description field is required.

Is it possible to achieve this?

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Hello @usr1vang,

There is several way to achieve this. One way could be to create custom create page for your types (using 2 collections one for each type). See this documentation related to customisation

You can also achieve this by creating smart action with dynamic fields.

Tell if it suits your needs.

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Thanks for your answer. I am having problems with the smart actions, its set as visible on forest admin panel but not display on actions.

Hey @usr1vang,

You have to go to the collections settings and check the Make Smart action visible button.


You can find more information here on how to create/setup a smart action. :slight_smile:

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Yes, it is check. But it is still not displaying the action, that’s why I asked, it’s a bit strange…

What’s the type of your smart action ? single, bulk, global ? Be careful, the smart actions are not all display at the global level.


In this case it is single. But i test to copy the code of the Mark as live action of the document you just shared with me and the smart action does not appear either. It is also check the make smart action visible.

So a single smart action is only available for one record. So it’s only display if you select a record or you are on the details view of a record.

You need to restart your agent once you’ve made your change on the code. I just tested on my side it work perfectly.

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