Rich text not interpreting html

Feature(s) impacted

Rich Text display settings.
I even checked the Allow to execute JavaScript option because it didn’t work without it and I wasn’t sure I needed or not because of the description all HTML and JavaScript content will be interpreted

Observed behavior

The HTML isn’t interpreted.

Expected behavior

Display the inside of the a <a href="link">Hello</a> and link to the href when clicking on it.
I didn’t use the link display settings because the link takes too much space and I want to show something shorter, I could do that but only display the same word for all links and that doesn’t fit my case. Having a default value would be nice so I could show a default value for all links and another value for certain links.


Please provide in this mandatory section, the relevant information about your configuration:

  • Project name: MyTraiteur
  • Team name: Operations
  • Environment name: Development
  • Agent type & version:
"meta": {
    "liana": "forest-express-sequelize",
    "liana_version": "8.4.7",
    "stack": {
      "database_type": "mysql",
      "engine": "nodejs",
      "engine_version": "14.17.0",
      "orm_version": "5.15.2"

Hi @mathieuh !
We currently don’t support computing HTML on the table view (it’s only done on the records details view).
I’ll push your feature request to the product team !
In the meantime I’ll ask around to see if we can find a workaround for your use case :slight_smile:

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How many titles do you want to handle ?
If it’s only two, you could set a title, and only put a link if here is a link, othewise leave it empty

That’s what I used to do, if there is a link, I put a title and if not, I leave it empty, but now for one particular link I need to write another title.