Parse string to html

Hey guys,

We have some strings like this in DB:

Could we parse it to HTML on UI


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Hi @Bojan_Antonijevic,

That is currently not a feature we have within the table view.

We currently support Rich text edition via the rich text editor widget, but not in the table view. We also have some example using custom HTML response within the details/summary view if that could help here.

I’ll push your suggestion to our product board for the table view part.

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Hi @Bojan_Antonijevic :wave:t3:

Parsing HTML in your case enhances display to quickly identify what needs to be looked at (green/red color code…) - this won’t be possible for now but we will be working on Conditional Formatting in the future. It should fit your need.

Conditional Formatting will allow you to set rules from the Forest Admin UI (field settings) to display texts in different colors, depending on their value.

We’ll keep you posted :rocket:

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