Search and filters aren't working

Hi @nico_lrx :wave:

I just checked your HAR file:

  • There is no problem with bugsnag, unless I missed something: is always called to create/maintain session in case there are some bugs (but there is none).
  • The payload of your request to the second page seems OK:


:point_right: My guess is that there is a problem with your backend. Still, not totally sure right now. It seems like no params are considered by the backend (search params + page params).

  • Could you confirm that it only occurs on one collection (e.g Words)?
    • If Words is the only collection with this problem, could you check your controller files, models files, and all the code referring to Words to see if you can spot any difference with other models? Also, could you share your Words related files (or a simplified version)? It could help us analyze and hopefully reproduce the problem.
    • If not, do you have the same problem with other projects/other environments?
  • You wrote: “I tried to reinstalled Forest from scratch and still the same issue”. Did you start a fresh install without changing anything manually? I’m not familiar with install with the Ruby Agent, so my question may be dumb: what actions have you done to make this installation?

Thank you for your patience :pray:

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Hi @rap2h,
Thanks for your reply. Indeed, I think there is a problem with the backend. Params are not considered and I created an issue for the same app on SO.

That’s weird as my Rails app is fine, I guess it’s from the configuration of the server but I don’t know what could create such a problem.

Anyway, it’s not Forest’s issue so I will investigate and keep you posted :wink:


Problème résolu (voir SO), merci à vous !