Search and filters aren't working

Hello Forest, I installed Forest Admin for my Rails app. I get all the data but the search and filter features don’t work.

I am searching in the “words” collection for “voiture” and the search returns the default list of data. If I add a filter Content Is “voiture”, I get the same result.

The account name is “Dictionnaire”. I use rails and Postgres (pg 1.2.3).

Thanks for your help!

Hi @nico_lrx,

Welcome to our new forum :hugs:
Could you share the forest_liana gem version you are currently using?

Thanks for your help.

Hi @arnaud,
I use forest_liana (5.2.0).


Hello @nico_lrx :wave:

I couldn’t reproduce your issue on my end.

I’m using the following:
ruby: 2.5.0
forest-rails: 5.2.2

Do you still encounter the issue ?


I upgraded to forest-rails: 5.2.2 and I still encounter the issue. I use activerecord, I remember I had to downgrade to an earlier activerecord version a few months ago to make Forest work, is there still an issue with the last version of activerecord?

Hello @nico_lrx,

I personally don’t know if there is a compatibility issue of Forest Admin with the latest versions of activerecord. Could you try to downgrade to help us isolate a potential compatibility issue and investigate?

Thank you.

Hey, in fact, I’m not sure if it was with activerecord (the slack discussion isn’t accessible anymore). I have another app running on Rails 5.2 and it works fine. I tried to downgrade to a former version of forest_liana but I still can’t navigate through the data, search it and filter it. Unfortunately, I can’t downgrade to a former Rails version :confused:

Hey @nico_lrx !
Do you have any logs on your server or in browser ?

I just have this in logs when I load the Word collection but nothing else when I perform a search, use the page navigation at the bottom or set a filter:

Started OPTIONS “/dictionnaire/forest/Word” for at 2020-09-09 19:14:22 +0000
I, [2020-09-09T19:14:22.900990 #14689] INFO – : [07c6d6d4-1fc8-4dec-ac3e-cce6bbe9e385] Started GET “/dictionnaire/forest/Word” for at 2020-09-09 19:14:22 +0000
I, [2020-09-09T19:14:22.902890 #14689] INFO – : [07c6d6d4-1fc8-4dec-ac3e-cce6bbe9e385] Processing by ForestLiana::UserSpace::WordController#index as JSON
I, [2020-09-09T19:14:22.902953 #14689] INFO – : [07c6d6d4-1fc8-4dec-ac3e-cce6bbe9e385] Parameters: {“collection”=>“Word”}

Hi @nico_lrx,

And is there any request sent by the front when doing the search or setting a filter ? If yes can you show us what is sent :slight_smile:

Hi @vince, apparently there is no request sent by the front in logs.

And do you have any error in your web console :thinking: ?

No error in my web console. I tried to reinstalled Forest from scratch and still the same issue :weary:

I can’t find any reason why this could happen. Could you please share a video reproducing your issue with the network tab open :thinking: ?

Hi @vince, here is a quick video showing the issue:

Please let me know if you any question. Thanks!

Okey so i’ll need the request send to this mean there is an error :thinking:
Plus I’ll need the request send on /Words once you click to open the second page

Here is what I have in my production logs file when I click to open the second page:

When I search for in the logs, I don’t find anything. How can I retrieve this request? :thinking:


Sorry there is an s at the end:
And I’ll need the network logs from the browser not the request received by your server :wink:

Here are two screenshots from the network tab, not sure if that’s what you need:

I also join you the HAR file so you can have a look into it. (413.0 KB)