Filter and Segment does not work anymore from Liana 3.X.X to 5.X.X

Expected behavior

When my OPS create segment or filter the view should be filter as asked

Actual behavior

When we use filters or segment directly in the Forest front, the segment or filter is valide but there is no filter applied

Failure Logs

They are no fail log on my production logs. Everything is clear


We update our liana from 3.X.X to 5.4.X all the filters or segment / view were not working anymore. My OPS team cannot filter by themselves. The only segments that are working are SQL’s ones, wright now.
What is strange is that is only on Forest front side that we have issues. Every time we use Smart action or Smart colonne there is no issues.

If you have any idea that would really help me.

We are working on rails 5.2.2 / ruby 2.6.0
‘forest_liana’, ‘~> 5.4.4’


Hello @Guillaume_Keradom

Welcome to our community :evergreen_tree:

As I understood, you’re facing the issue in a remote environment. Do you have the same issue with your development?

Also, could you please check the logs in your Rails console and share with me the stack trace of the request when you try to apply a filter?

This would help me understand your issue.

Thank you

Hey @olesyak,

Thx for your answer.
There is the same issue on our development environnement.

When I was talking about Frorest Front, I had the solution in mind, the front office used by my ops team.

You can see that there is no issues in my logs. The filters are applied in parameters but that does not filter at all. I guess my liana in my back is not handling well parameters but I dont know why.

If you have any idea.


@olesyak found out by myself.

Forgot to push the last version of .forestadmin file.
So the software thought we were still in 3.3.X
It was not compatible with the back-end

You can close this thread


Glad to read it is solved, thank you for letting me know :slightly_smiling_face: