Search breaks for datasource-mongoose


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Here is my setup:

"@forestadmin/agent": "^1.35.16",
"@forestadmin/datasource-mongoose": "1.5.29",
"@forestadmin/datasource-replica": "^1.0.42",
"@forestadmin/plugin-flattener": "^1.0.69",

When I switch “@forestadmin/datasource-mongoose” from “1.5.30” to “1.5.31” all the search features stop working. They return simply all values, no matter what the filter is.

What should I do? Thanks.

The agent resolves to the following sem-ver: 1.35.16

Thanks for this new post.
Have you tried upgrading the “@forestadmin/datasource-mongoose” package to a newer version ?

I just upgraded to the latest version, 7.3.1, and the search works now.

However, I don’t feel very comfortable with this. I don’t know what this major version update might change in this multi package setup. Testing all our features will take a lot of time.

Can you please let me know about the following two things:

  1. Is this setup compatible? In other words, does this agent version work with the corresponding mongoose version?
    "@forestadmin/agent": "1.39.2",
    "@forestadmin/datasource-mongoose": "1.7.3",
    "@forestadmin/datasource-replica": "1.3.9",
    "@forestadmin/plugin-flattener": "1.1.4",
  1. Does the switch from this setup, bring any breaking change, I should be made aware of?
    "@forestadmin/agent": "1.35.16",
    "@forestadmin/datasource-mongoose": "1.5.29",
    "@forestadmin/datasource-replica": "1.0.42",
    "@forestadmin/plugin-flattener": "1.0.69",

Hello @David_Roegiers,

We do follow the semantic versionning for all our packages, so upgrading to a new minor version should not break anything in terms of APIs exposed from the agent, datasources or plugins.

The packages are open source and each release is documented here : feel free to look through to get a feel for what has changed between versions. You may also use this tool from github to compare specific versions.

If you do find a bug that wasn’t present in your version but is in a later one, please report back here and we will issue a patch to the latest version of the impacted package.

I hope you can move forward with this,



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Ok, thanks. The documentation is thin and the delta too big for looking at the code. Will deploy and if you don’t hear anything from me - than it is a good sign :slight_smile:

We can close this issue. Have a nice weekend!