Search field does not work in inner tables

Hello Forest Admin support,

When we are trying to search an inner table containing various fields, it is not giving the results matching the given input field. (It is working when searching with “id” field but not when looking with “feature” field. (even for “id” it is not working with partial “id”, only working when a full “id” is entered in search field))

Expected behavior

The search should show give the results matching the given input.

Actual behavior

Nothing is happening with the search input. When searching with ‘feature’ it shows the same result(as if nothing was searched)

Thank you in advance.

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Hi @sandeep and welcome to our developers community :raised_hands:t3:

You are trying to search on belongsTo fields i.e foreign keys or reference fields pointing to another collection (what you refer to as inner tables).

For performance reasons, this is disabled by default. To activate it, you should try the Extended Search (bottom right corner in the screenshot below).

You can also make this Extended Search available by default by overriding the routes. Follow this quick guide to do so - Search on relationship fields by default

Let me know if this helps :pray:t3:

Thank you for the response Ziad!
I have already tried the “Extended Search“ and it throws an error(“Your server encountered an error“).

Will see if I find anything in the logs!

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Alright, please provide as much details as possible following the template below :point_down:t3:
A loom screen recording is also welcome! :video_camera:

Failure Logs

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