Setup: error on action_text_rich_texts table

Hi all,

After added this following on cors.rb to fix an issue during the authentication:

allow do
  origins ''
  resource '*', headers: :any, methods: :any, expose: ['Content-Disposition'], credentials: true

I’m now running into a new issue, still during the setup: to handle rich texts on some of our models, we recently installed Action Text. The setup creates a new table called action_text_rich_texts. It seems it is not recognized by Forest Admin as a model because it raises the following error:

Forest :deciduous_tree::deciduous_tree::deciduous_tree: Records Index error: undefined method []' for nil:NilClass /ruby/gems/2.6.0/gems/forest_liana-7.4.5/app/controllers/forest_liana/application_controller.rb:113:in force_utf8_attributes_encoding’

I checked on your source code and it’s coming from this method:

    def force_utf8_attributes_encoding(model)
      # NOTICE: Declare all strings are encoded in utf-8
      if model['attributes']
        model['attributes'].each do |name, value|
          if value.respond_to?(:force_encoding)
              model['attributes'][name] = value.force_encoding('utf-8')
              # NOTICE: Enums are frozen Strings

model is nil and raises that error: is it because ActionText::RichText model is not recognized as a true model by Forest Admin?

Here the params I get from the last request before it fails:

{"fields"=>{"ActionText__RichText"=>"body,created_at,id,name,record_id,record_type,updated_at"}, "searchExtended"=>"0", "timezone"=>"Europe/Paris", "collection"=>"ActionText__RichText"}

By the way in my logs, I get the following error:

Infos related to my app:

  • Project name: WEB-APP MP
  • Rails

Thanks for your help!

Sorry juste figured it out you can choose which data / models Forest Admin must fetch!

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