Smart action is not applied to all selected items in the collection

After applying filters on collection, I’m selecting records on all the pages.

As the message and filters’ count state, there are 37 records.

But after smart action is applied, only 15 items are updated.

ids for update are retrieved from the request body in the following manner:

const attributes =;
jobParams.ids = attributes.ids;

Expected behavior

All selected 37 ids (from all the pages) are sent to the back-end.

Actual behavior

Only ids selected on the current page are sent.

Hello @Vasilii,

To get around this problem you can edit the number of records per page by clicking on the brush at the top right of your screen and increasing the number of records visible per page.

I will take a look at it on my side.

Tell me if it helps! :slight_smile:

Hello @Vasilii,

Thank you for your patience.

To properly use the “select all” feature, you might need to update your code.
Please see here how to:

The RecordsGetter helper should come in handy.

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Hi, @Guillaume_Deslandes! Thanks for the response, I’ll try it out & get back to you on that one.

@Guillaume_Deslandes, thanks a lot, it does work as expected :clap:t3:

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