Specify number of selected records for bulk smart action


i would like to specify exactly the number of allowed records to be selected for a bulk smart action.

for example only allow the smart action to appear if the user selected exactly 2 records, and other than that, the smart action wouldn’t appear.

thank you!

Hey @huss :wave:

This is not something that is achievable at the moment. I’m updating your thread as a feature suggestion, and I’m pushing it to our product board.

As an alternative solution, you could use a smart action load hook to get the context of the selection, and manually update the form to indicate that the selection does not contains the number of records you are expecting. This is not the optimal solution for your request, but the best I can propose so far :slight_smile:

this is exactly what i’m already doing, but i’m facing another issue with that :grin: and im waiting for a response for that issue i raised.

thank you!