Smart Action not attached to any record


As I have read, Smart Action can have 2 scope : Bulk or Single.

Bulk applies action to all lines in collection, and Single applies on only one line.

Is there any scope that allow to execute smart action without any record ? (attached to the collection, but executed juste once, not for every record).



Hello @dscreve,

We do have 3 scopes for Smart Actions, the third one being Global which is attached to the collection. You can find it on this documentation page.

Would you happen to still have the page you read so that we can fix it ? :pray:

Best regards,

Oh, I missed this…This work fine.

Is there any URL where I can find the date format for DateOnly and Date form type ?



I’m not sure i’ve understood your question,
if it’s about widget configuration in Smart Action Forms you can find everything you need here.

No, it’s about field value retrieving :

const dateValue = context.formValues[‘myDateField’];

form: [
{ label: ‘myDateField’, type: ‘Dateonly’, isRequired: true },

Will dateValue be DD/MM/YYYY or YYYY-MM-DD or something else ?


The format is only for frontend display purposes, the value received is a javascript Date object serialized to string (e.g. ‘2023-11-13T08:05:05.000Z’)