Smart action "redirectTo" don't show filters in dashboard


I use smart action to set some filters in an other view, this one response with:

return res.send({
  redirectTo: `${process.env.URL_FOREST}/Operations/data/careGiver/index?filterType=and&${filter}`,

Log in “Network” of my browser :

{"redirectTo":"/click-and-care-backoffice/Development%20%7C%20justinmartin/Operations/data/careGiver/index?filterType=and&beneficiaryReference_filter[0][val]=2&beneficiaryReference_filter[0][op]=is&certificate:name[0][val]=,Assistante%20maternelle&certificate:name[0][op]=is%20in&distance_filter[0][val]=jusqu'à 10km&distance_filter[0][op]=is"}

When browser make redirection it load the “careGiver” collection and send “GET” request with theses filters perfectly

Log in “Network” of my browser :

But in the dashboard the filters list still empty instead of to be set with my filters. If you have an idea of something I’ve done wrong I’d love to hear it.

In first i thought this problem was because redirectTo not preserving query params but, as we can see the dashboard use the params to send “GET” request…

Hey @Justin_Martin, and welcome to our community :wave:

I’m not sure to fully understand the issue here. What do you mean by dashboard? The “Data” tabs or the “Dashboard” one?

If you mean the “Data” tabs, could you confirm that the displayed records matches with the filter?

Thanks in advance

Yes i mean the view where records are displayed. And yes in this view the records are perfectly filtred but the “Filter” next to search bar is empty instead of setted with the filtrer use in redirectTo

Capture d’écran 2022-01-20 à 15.37.45

Ok, so I can confirm that I’m able to reproduce the issue :pray:

I’m opening a ticket on our end. As usual, I can’t provide any ETA for the fix to happen, but be sure you’ll be notified here once fixed :+1:

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Perfect thank you for you’re help

[Update]: It’s seem that has been fixed with new UI. Thank you !

Good news, thanks for letting us know :pray:

Have a nice day