Smart action restricted to segment does not display the form in the related data

Feature(s) impacted

Smart actions

Observed behavior

Starting yesterday (potentially the day before but probably not earlier than that), one of our smart actions has stopped bringing up the right sidebar form that usually displays when we click the smart action.

Expected behavior

Usually the right sidebar will appear as soon as the smart action is clicked, at which point we can complete the fields in the smart action and run it.

We have done a fair amount of debugging and have noticed the following:

  • The smart action is on our “Applications” collection.
  • When we run the smart action from the “Applications” standalone page, it works correctly and shows the sidebar.
  • We also show applications for a specific “Company” on the Company summary page. When we click the smart action from that view, we experience the issue described.
  • The above layouts are on one of our teams called “Operations”
  • The same layouts are available on another team called “Software Dev”. When we are using the software dev team, the smart action works in all cases (even the one that doesnt work for Operations).
  • The above tests were performed using the same forestadmin user.
  • We have not recently updated the forestadmin library
  • There are no network or console errors


  • Project name: Bridgement.1
  • Team name: Operations and Software Dev
  • Environment name: Production
  • Agent type & version: “forest-express-sequelize”: “^8.4.10”,
  • Recent changes made on your end if any: N/A

Hey @JoshBridgement,

Sorry to hear that.
I’ll try to reproduce and come back to you

I’m not able to reproduce on my end. Could you please share a video reproducing the issue :thinking: ?

I will send you a video privately shortly. We have noticed a whole lot of new issues as well since yesterday. Would you be able to join a call instead?

@vince I have recorded the issue and sent you the video. It seems to somehow be related to the frontend state management - im not sure if any changes have been made recently but we are seeing strange issues like this in other places of forestadmin.

For the first issue a fix is already on its way (for the record the issue is that the selection is not reset when leaving a listing, only the checkbox. So when you click the checkbox it actually unselect the record)

For your second issue, which is the form not showing up when clicking on a smart action that has a form in the summary view.
So far I was not able to reproduce your issue :thinking:. DOes it work after a refresh of your page :thinking: ?

@vince Thanks I have sent you another video to address your comment

The first issue has been fixed, you will just need to refresh your browser


Do you have any error logged in your web console ? And on your server ?

@vince There are no console errors logged, and there is no network request to the server either

I was finally able to reproduce your issue ! I’m investigating


I made a fix I’ll keep you inform once it will be released :wink:

Awesome thanks so much!

The fix will be live in a few minutes :wink:

All working on our side now. Thanks for the fast assistance!