Smart action String Field loses focus while I am typing

Expected behavior

I type in a smart action field my search request and as I finished typing I press enter or tab
and go to the next field(s)

Actual behavior

While I am typing, the field loses focus and I lose ability to type.
So I have to constantly set focus to the field by clicking on it.


I use forest-express version 7.

I have a “change” hook that performs database search depending on
what I have typed in the field.

Hello @Francois_Vongue,

Can you make us a little video to show us the described behavior by using a tool like loom for instance?

Kind regard, :slight_smile:

2021-07-16 19-11-18

sure, here you go

Hello @Francois_Vongue

Thank you for the GIF… the issue is now crystal clear.
I’m adding a ticket, and prioritizing it so that it get fixed.

Just for the sake of completeness, could you tell me if:

  • you just created this smart action and/or add the change hook to it
  • this smart action and the change hook were working properly, but started behaving like you reported a short time ago?
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The field (string field) has change hook attached to it.
It always worked like this

ok then it’s a regression, I’ll forward that to the developer dealing with the bug

Hi @Francois_Vongue :wave: A fix has been released !
Can you confirm this issue is fixed on your side ?
Thank for your patience.