Smart Actions showing based on certain conditions

We have a few smart actions that we’re looking to be visible on certain status changes for our users. As an example if our user has the status of “Live” we want to show two smart actions that can be taken.

Or if our user has the status of “rejected” We’ll like to show a different set of smart actions.

Not sure if this is built in, or if there is a work around we can do.

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Hi @Zero, it’s been a while since we last saw you here :smiley:

What you’re asking for is quite easy to do provided you have defined some segments “Live” and “Rejected”. I have the exact same setup on a projet :point_down:t3:

Go to your collection’s settings and choose which segment(s) the action can be triggered from

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Hi Ziad,

Thank you for the response, we have tried this seems like it greys out the smart action which is also good. But we’re looking to see if we can hide the smart action completely and only show it once they’re on that status.

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The current behavior is the rendering of a disabled button like you have noticed (in Actions menu and Summary views).

I won’t have any workaround for the moment but your feedback will be sent to our ProductBoard :slight_smile: