Issue with segments using smart actions

Hi Forest Team,

Is it possible to fix the issue when using the segments with a Smart Action?

Expected behavior

I created a smart action of type “single”, then on FA when I edit the layout and make the smart action visible, I need to attach a segment. So I created a new segment that I attached to my smart action.

I expect on the screen of the list of the collections when I check an item (with the conditions of the segments) to see my smart action visible.

This works fine when I am on the details page of the item, I can see the smart actions.

Actual behavior

On the screen of the list when I select an item and click on the actions, most of the times the actions displayed are wrong or the result is not consistent (e.g action disable when the conditions of the segments are correct, other e.g action visible when it shouldn’t be). To reproduce the bug on the list click on an item that can see the action then click on another item that shouldn’t be able to see the actions.


Hi @Pierre-Jean and welcome in our community :champagne: !

I do reproduce your issue. I’ll create a bug ticket. You’ll be able to track its status below :wink:

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