Smart field / explorer working good in local, not in production


Everything is in the title
I saw the explorer feature that I didn’t know, and I wanted to experience it : it’s perfect in development / local, but it says No data in production

I have for example a smart field in /forest/user.js

      field: 'notifications',
      type: ['String'],
      reference: 'NotificationsLog._id',

then I have in routes/user.js

// get notifications of a User
router.get('/User/:recordId/relationships/notifications', permissionMiddlewareCreator.update(), async (request, response, next) => {
  const notifications = await NotificationsLogObject.find({ user: request.params.recordId });
  const serializer = new RecordSerializer(NotificationsLogObject);
  const serializedNotifications = await serializer.serialize(notifications, { count: notifications.length });

working good in dev, not in production.

Thanks !

The feature should do the same on both dev and prod.
I don’t see how the behavior can be different.

Can you give us more information?
Is the request to your production agent returning any data (in chrome inspector) and the app is failing to display it? or no data is returned in the query?

It’s probably unrelated, but I notice that you are using the permissionMiddlewareCreator.update() middleware.
I don’t see that in the documentation

Is it a copy pasting error, or on purpose to secure the route?

I removed permissionMiddlewareCreator.update()
I updated forest-express-mongoose

and now it works everywhere.

Thanks !

Also I’d like to have a “Independent columns configuration” available also for those, but that’s another subject…

Thanks !

Can you create another thread in the “feature request” section for that?