Smart Field showing on development, but not on production

Feature(s) impacted

Smart Field

Observed behavior

Smart Field not showing in production, while it does show in development

Expected behavior

Smart Field showing in production, the same way it shows in development


I have added a Smart Field on a collection, and it shows properly in development, but after pushing the changes to production (both the code with the schema and the layout), the field doesn’t show on production.

On both production and development, I can see that the network request when going on an item page “https://[forestadmin-backend]/forest/[collection-name]/[id]” containing the smart field and its value, but on the UI, that field is displayed on development but not on production.

The field is declared properly on the .forest-admin.json schema (on both production and development => same schema file)

There is no error on the console when accessing the page.

  • Project name:
  • Team name: Admin
  • Environment name: Production
  • Agent type & version: forest-express-sequelize 8.4.7

The concerned Smart Field is “file” on the “document” collection.

Hello @Houssam,

Are you able to see the smart field in layout edition mode?

In the example below, the “closed at” field is hidden and you can reveal it by clicking on the eye icon.


The smart field is not visible in the layout edition mode (in production, while it is on development):
On production:
Screenshot 2022-01-27 at 11.56.54 AM
On development:
Screenshot 2022-01-27 at 11.56.26 AM
(The field is hidden on purpose in the development screenshot, as this is the table view, it is displayed on the details view - available on the list for development but not production as well -)

Hello @Sliman_Medini, any update on this? :sweat_smile:

Hello @Houssam

After some investigation, I indeed saw your SmartField in the schema, and manually refreshed your layouts.
I now see the “file” field in our internal layout representation, but it is configured as a file viewer for the Admin team, and has no custom widget for the Business team.

Do you notice any change on your hand?

Thank you for your patience.

The issue was resolved without any change on my side, so I am guessing the manual refresh fixed the issue. Thank you!