Smart field reference link


I’ve set in place a smart field that displays the name of a reccord called display name.
I’ve set it as reference field for the table.
Howerver, when I try to link a reccord from this table and I seash for the smart field it doesn’t appear, I have to search by id.
Do you know how I can enable the search by the smart field display name
Thank you for your help,

Ps : some screenshots to illustrate

Hello @Ilias_El-mhamdi,

Quick question, did you implement a custom search logic? This is needed to search on a smart field.
You can find more details here: Create and manage Smart Fields - Documentation

Let me know if this helps.

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No I haven’t and I can’t access your link :confused:

Thank you

I think I’ve found it :slight_smile:

Sorry about the wrong link copy-paste :pray:

I’am having some trouble with the search function since my input is a JSON and not a string or number.
Isn’t it possible to search directly against the value of the smart field ?
For info the name field looks like this :
{“FR” : “nameFr”, “EN” : “nameEn”}

I tried something like this but it didn’t work

  fields: [
      field: "displayName",
      type: "String",
      get: (record) => {
        return Object.values([0];
      search: async function (query, search) {
        console.log(search, "search");
        var searchCondition = {
          [Op.and]: [{ name: { []: `%${search}%` } }],
        await query.where[Op.and][0][Op.or].push(searchCondition);
        return query;

Unexpected error: operator does not exist: json ~~ unknown

The like operator does not seem to work well here.
Maybe try something like if you field is in JSONB format:

  [Op.or]: [
    { 'name.EN': { []: `%${search}%` } },
    { 'name.FR': { []: `%${search}%` } },

It works !
Thank you so much !