Smart views suddenly stopped

Feature(s) impacted

Smart Views

Observed behavior

Smart view, which worked yesterday and continues to work on browser tabs which were loaded before the failure, no longer loads.

Expected behavior

Smart view loads

Failure Logs


  • Project name: scratchpay-payment-service
  • Team name: all
  • Environment name: production
  • Agent type & version: ?
  • Recent changes made on your end if any: none

Hi @Brett_Belka,

Sorry about the regression. Some components has been renamed has you can see in this post.
Normally all those components has been automatically migrated except Table::TableFooter that has been forgotten. I’m doing a patch to fix this but if you want to fix your smart view just rename your Table::TableFooter to DataDisplay::Table::TableFooter.

Let me know if it works for you :pray:

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The fix has been released, without doing any change on your side it should work now. Let me know if it’s the case :pray:

@vince the issue is still there. Just opening Forest Admin after the patch didn´t solve it yet.

Hey @Lucas_Aquino, I’m sorry but could you try again (after refreshing your page)

Hey @vince, thanks for helping. I guess the issue is on our end now. We´re using a handlesbar template with a custom js file. We´re using a component on the .hbs file as below, so I think we should update it to data-display/table/table-footer. What do you think?


Yes you should, but it should be automatic :thinking:

@vince now it seems to be working fine. After many refreshes, it seems working now. Thanks for helping.

Yeah sorry we had to rollback the fix because of another issue this morning this is why you had not the fix when you retried this morning :sweat_smile:

Glad it’s fixed :slight_smile: ! Have a nice day ! :wink:

Seems to be working great on my end. Thanks @vince !