All smart views suddenly broken

Suddenly all of our tables and smart views are broken and won’t load any data.

"forest-express-sequelize": "^7.12.2",

Hi @austinrupie,

I’m trying to investigate what could be wrong :thinking:.
Could you please share the full stack trace ? If you got a bigger one :confused: And I see an erreor before the one you shared, could it be related ? Share it too please

It could be nice also to have the team, environment, project and collection it is happening on ?
Can you access the smart view editor ? If yes I would need your code to reproduce :pray:

I strongly suspect that you are using a component that is not public (that is normally for Forest Admin usage), but I need to know which one :sweat_smile:

It was because you guys renamed Table::TableFooter to DataDisplay::Table::TableFooter

Even your docs have the old version.

It would be good if you guys actually informed your customers of these changes.

Yeah really sorry about that @austinrupie it’s just it was supposed to be invisible for you but we forgot that component :disappointed:

Glad that it works for you