Custom Smart Views No Longer Working

I put up an issue on Github for this: Smart Actions No Longer Working · Issue #921 · ForestAdmin/forest-express-sequelize · GitHub, but no one has replied so I’m adding it here before the end of your work day.

As this is a critical issue for our team, I’m hoping someone can help us out as no smart actions in our custom views work in the last 24 hours.

Failure Logs

Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: r(...).triggerCustomAction is not a function at e.triggerSmartAction


This code has worked just fine until today:

      @text="Add or Update JD"
        "Add or Update JD"

Which simply calls

  triggerSmartAction(...args) {
    return triggerSmartAction(this, ...args);

"forest-express-sequelize": "^7.12.2",

Hey @David_Panzarella,

Yes it’s not linked to forest-express-sequelize. I’ll take a look into it right now !

Thanks, @vince! Appreciate you jumping on this!

The fix is on its way i’ll keep you inform


Hey @David_Panzarella,

A fix has been released just now. Can you tell me if that works on your side :pray: (don’t forget to refresh your web page)

Works now! Appreciate you guys jumping on it so quickly. Thanks again!