SQL not available in segment filtering

Feature(s) impacted

Creating segments

Observed behavior

I create a new segment and want to add a filter using SQL. But this option is unavaiable, I can’t switch to SQL, there’s no such button. According to the documentation, I should have had this option as my database is postgres.

Expected behavior

Have a button to switch from integrated filters/SQL and to be able to filter data using SQL.


  • Agent (forest package) name & version:
    @forestadmin/agent”: “^1.10.0”,
    @forestadmin/datasource-sql”: “^1.6.6”,
    node 16.16.0
    typescript 4.8.4
  • Database type: postgres

Hello @vit,

This feature is not compatible with @forestadmin/agent at the moment.

You can either use the filters that are displayed in the UI, or create a segment directly in the code, where you have full control of the requested elements.

I’ll add this feedback to our product board in order to have it prioritized.