Stop Field From Truncating

Hey Forest!

We are using an ElasticSearch integration to display logs in Forest Admin. These logs are meant to be read from a table view but a field value that can be quite long gets truncated after a certain size. Is there a way to stop the table from truncating the string?

Thank you!

Hello @Arda_Yurdakul,

For the moment the length is limited to 80 chars in a column. I can create a feature suggestion for being able to customize the max length in a column.

In the meantime, do you have the possibility to extract multiple columns from your logs? This way you’ll be able to display more info.

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Hi @GuillaumeGautreau!

Unfortunately the string is one long sentence basically. We would appreciate it if this is considered as a feature request. Thank you :pray:

Same would like to see this to be changable