System Generated Primary Key - UI Not retrieving after DB write

Feature(s) impacted

This is a follow up to ticket: System generated primary key

When using the UI to create a new object in any Forest Collection where the primary key is defaulted with the “uuid()” function, the user receives the error message “[COLLECTION TYPE] #[object Object] cannot be found”.

Observed behavior

Our MySql tables represented by Forest Collections use a char(36) that is populated with the default function “uuid()”. The ticket linked above resolved our issue of the string “uuid()” being inserted into the database as opposed to executing the uuid() function.

After clicking the Create button in the UI for a new object, users are being shown the following error message instead of being taken to the newly created object:

The object is written to the database properly, and a subsequent search in the UI for the object and subsequent navigation to it work as expected.

This issue is happening for all tables employing the “uuid()” function as the primary key default.

Expected behavior

After clicking the Create button for any Collection using a “uuid()” function default as its primary key, the user is taken to the details page of the newly created object in the UI.


  • Project name: refinition-data
  • Database type: MySQL8

Hello Brendan Arsenault,
Thank you for your feedback, I can reproduce your bug.
I’m opening a ticket to solve this problem.

We have fixed the issue,
please tell me if it works on your side :pray:

Hello @Alban_Bertolini,

Thank you for your response. When creating new objects, the UI redirects to the details on the new objects as expected. Confirming that this issue is resolved.

Thanks again for your help,

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