Team Layout overwritten

Hello! Looking for a bit of help with a problem we encountered today.

Situation: We have two teams, one with the layout default (empty) and the other one with all the configuration of our forest application.

Today by accident we copied the empty layout onto the important one, deleting all the work in there.
(done via this)

This applied to all the environments, both prod, staging and developments

There’s any way to undo that action / restore the old layout?


Please provide any relevant information about your setup.

  "meta": {
    "database_type": "postgres",
    "liana": "forest-express-sequelize",
    "liana_version": "6.6.3",
    "engine": "nodejs",
    "engine_version": "11.15.0",
    "orm_version": "4.42.0"

Hello @gonzaloTeampay !

Welcome to the Forest Admin community!

What is your project name?
And what is your current plan?

It is possible to get back your old layout, but this is a premium feature.

Hello Guillaume_Cisco, indeeed someone helped us and we are back on track! Thanks for worrying, I’ll close this post

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