Template values in workspace charts

Feature(s) impacted

Workspaces charts

Observed behavior

When creating a workshop with multiple collections, I can use a templated value from one collection’s selected row to filter a second collection. However, these templated values aren’t available for charts within the same workspace. As a result, no chart can be filtered by any “parent” collection selections which I think is imperative.

Additionally, smart charts aren’t available in workspaces which I need to use to get timeseries charting lower than 1d intervals (and to display as a candlestick chart instead of line).

Expected behavior

Templated values should be available for filtering all workspace components and not just fields and collections. Similarly, segments should be available to selected for chart collections.

Smart charts should be available within workspaces.


  • Project name: –
  • Team name: –
  • Environment name: Production and Development
  • Agent type & version: 8.5.8
  • Recent changes made on your end if any: N/A

Hello @trestrantham :wave:
Using Workspace? Awesome :muscle: :tada: :evergreen_tree:

I completely understand your frustration. We have multiple iterations on Workspace which will unleash its full potential. Hence, we are progressively rolling out behaviours :hourglass_flowing_sand:.

Nonetheless rest assured, I relay your request and expectations to the appropriate team :clipboard:

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Thanks Romain. Is there any ETA on the next iteration of Workspace?

The next iteration is progressively rolling out until the end of August/early September.
It consists in spreading the Templating system to our existing components and adding a couple of new components as well.

As said, I pushed your request to our product team so I can only see it coming soon in the hands of our devs :muscle::evergreen_tree:.
Wait and see :slight_smile: