The file viewer widget is not displaying a preview but download the file automatically

Feature(s) impacted

Fileviewer for pdf

Observed behavior

When I click on a record, if a fileviewer is in the summary tab, the file is automatically downloaded and the pdf is not displayed.

Expected behavior

The pdf should be displayed and no file downloaded.

Failure Logs

I can share a loom in private (already sent to Guilhem Robert) but contains sensitive data.


  • Project name:
  • Team name: all teams impacted
  • Environment name: prod

Hello @cylwin,

Thanks for your message :raised_hands:

I could not reproduce the problem yet.
Could you please tell me what browser you guys are using?


Latest chrome. You can reach with me in mp, I can manage to invite you on our forest dashboard to debug the thing.

I managed to record a video without personal data: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software

@cylwin thank you!

I am still not able to reproduce :exploding_head:
While I keep investigating, could you please tell me:

  • What are the settings of your receipt display widget?
  • Where are those files stored?



Another question: is the word “download” part of the URL of your file?

I’m sorry for the latency, I don’t receive notifications by email.

The bug is fixed today. Nothing changed on our side so thank you for your job.

You can close the request.

@cylwin thanks for your message.

To be honest, we did not push a special fix on this subject as we were not able to reproduce it :thinking:
Anyway, it is great news if it is working on your side now :tada:

Please don’t hesitate to open a new ticket if the bug comes back!

I spoke too soon, issue is still here. But I have a little more context :

When the file viewer display a jpeg, it’s working, when it’s a pdf, it’s not. I send you a “link” as it is on the record :

This is the configuration of the field :